Pleasing Fungus Beetle Larvae

Subject: larvae
Location: NE Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia
November 20, 2016 11:17 am
Dear Bugman,
Can you help me identify these larvae? I found them under a decaying mushroom. The mushroom looked similar to a reishi mushroom. I found them on September 21, ’16,not far from my vegetable garden. The mushrooms were growing around the roots of a decaying maple tree trunk. There were other mushrooms just like this. Good bug, or not so for my garden? I left them for the birds to eat, also they were really cool looking.
Thanks for any help with this.
Signature: Best, Marie Cooney

Pleasing Fungus Beetle Larvae
Pleasing Fungus Beetle Larvae

Dear Marie,
Because you found them in association with a “decaying mushroom,” we took the chance that these might be Pleasing Fungus Beetle larvae, and our hunch proved correct based on this BugGuide image of
Megalodacne fasciata.  According to BugGuide:  “Larvae feed on bracket fungi. Adults overwinter under bark, often in groups.”  In our opinion, this is a benign or beneficial species in the garden.

YAY! Thank you so much for identifying, it was driving me crazy!

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