Pleasing Fungus Beetle

Subject: Beautiful Beetle
Location: Cheyenne cannon, Colorado Springs , Co
June 14, 2016 10:10 am
Hi Mr. BugMan,
I found this wonderfully beautiful beetle out on a nature hike with my children. Let me rephrase we found about 50 of them on a pine log. I would love to know what specimen it is and if it is native to Colorado .
Signature: Stephanie Clements

Pleasing Fungus Beetle
Pleasing Fungus Beetle

Dear Stephanie,
This Pleasing Fungus Beetle was likely emerging from the log after feeding  on fungus growing on the pine log as larvae.  According to The Firefly Forest:  “Pleasing Fungus Beetles (
Gibbifer californicus) are blue, fungus-loving beetles found in parts of Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Mexico. Here in Arizona, they are fairly common in moist riparian woodlands with large trees. Adult Pleasing Fungus Beetles emerge in the summertime and are most numerous during the summer monsoon rains.”  According to BugGuide:  “Adults feed on nectar, pollen, and some fungi. Larvae feed on wood-destroying fungi.”

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