Planthopper from South Africa is Mottled Avocado Bug

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Location: South Africa, NorthWest, Rustenburg, Proteapark
February 2, 2014 5:37 am
Hello .
This bug has caused quite a lot of arguments whether it’s a beetle or moth or whatever.
If you could please take a look:
The insect was found in our garden. It is roughly 1cm in length. When you come close or put another object close to it, it leaps/ jumps/ flies about half a meter up and 1 meter away (the action is more of jumping forward and gliding away as it does extend it’s wings but does not flap them or hover with them).
When it was caught, it spread it’s wings out (image 2) and stood like that for quite a long while until eventually it closed it’s wings again and started walking around in the container.
Signature: Thank you, Rhodeen.

Mottled Avocado Bug

Hi Rhodeen,
This is neither a moth nor a beetle.  It is a Planthopper in the order Hemiptera, a group of insects that have mouths designed for piercing and sucking, and which includes the True Bugs.  The first matching image we located is on South African Photographs, and it is identified as
Parapioxys jucundus in the family Eurybrachidae.  Nature’s World of Wonder does provide the common name Moth Bug.  According to the Google Books link to Tropical Fruit Pests and Pollinators, it is the Mottled Avocado Bug and “both adults and nymphs of P. jucundus feed on avocado and macadamia.  This species is probably a phloem feeder.”

Mottled Avocado Bug
Mottled Avocado Bug

Wow! Thank you for replying so fast! We do have an avocado tree that we just recently planted so that’s probably why we’re only seeing it now. Thank you so much for the identification. Fantastic work!
Have a wonderful week!
Kind regards, Rhodeen.

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