Planthopper Nymph from Tanzania

Subject: hairy bug Tanzania
Location: 8°50’41.64″ S 34°00’58.09″ E
March 19, 2016 9:43 am
Dear bugman,
we saw this curious little bug today on a walk in Chimala in the South West of Tanzania. It was no more than 1cm in size. It is between rainy seasons (the last rains were a few weeks ago in February, but it should start raining soon again).
Thank you for your help!
Signature: Bea

Planthopper Nymph
Planthopper Nymph

Dear Bea,
This is an immature Planthopper in the superfamily Fulgoroidea, and though we have not had any luck finding an exact match, this individual from iSpot looks very similar.  National Geographic has an example of an immature Planthopper from Suriname.

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