Planarium from Peru

Subject: Flatworm from Peru
Location: Peru; near Iquitos
March 13, 2014 5:52 pm
I know this is not exactly a “bug”. However I d be very glad if u d be able to help me to identify this.. flatworm. Thanks for any suggestion 🙂
Signature: Jiri Hodecek


Hi again Jiri,
When we were contemplating the subtitle of Daniel’s Book, The Curious World of Bugs, we settled upon “the mysterious and remarkable lives of things that crawl” because “Bug” is a generic term, despite the fact that True Bugs are in the suborder Heteroptera.  If it crawls, we have room for it on our site.  Flatworms, including Planaria, are in the class Turbellaria, and when we attempted to research this identification for you, we discovered a nearly identical image on Stock Photography that interestingly was also taken at Iquitos, Peru.  Alas, it is not identified further than the class Turbellaria.  Another unidentified individual from the Andes in Peru is pictured on Age PHotostock.

Hello, yeah I guess its quiet impossible to ID it better, thank you! 🙂

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