Pisaurina mira

Should we be concerned?
This little beast parked itself tightly into our daughter’s playscape. We don’t usually get a lot of large spiders up here in northeast CT, so we figured we would ask some experts if this thing is dangerous. We need to know soon as about a thousand of its infant minion have just burst forth from the joint where she’s nested!

Hi Dave,
Sorry for the long delay in answering. No, you should not be concerned. You have a wandering spider known as Pisaurina mira. These spiders do not build webs, but stalk their prey. They only build webs to care for their young. Though many spiders will bite when provoked, they are not aggressive. Comstock writes:
“This is an extremely variable species in colour and in size. Full-grown specimens measure about one half (ed. note excluding legs) inch in length. In the more common type the body is light brownish yellow, with a wide darker and browner band on the middle of both cephalothorax and abdomen; on the cephalothorax the edges of the band are nearly straight, but on the abdomen they are undulating. The band is bordered on each side by a white line. This is a common species throughout the eastern part of the United States, and one that frequently attracts attention on account of its beauty.” I hope your spider hasn’t met with an untimely end because of our tardiness.

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