Pink Striped Oakworm

Jones Family catapillar picture
Hello we are the Jones Family from Orlando Florida, and we were happy to run across your website, while trying to identify this creature. The closest we came was the orange striped oak worm picture on your website, but obviously ours had different coloring. After we took some pictures we let him/her go on its way. Our family particularly my seven year old son have started a small butterfly garden in which we hope to continue to build on, we will definitely continue to send more pictures in the future. Do you think you can tell us what this is a picture of and maybe a little about this creature such as what it turns into. Thanks
The Jones Family Arlene, Craig, Sean, Aaron, and Caleb

Hi Joneses,
Your caterpillar is a Pink Striped Oakworm, Anisota virginiensis, and it is a close relative of the Orange Striped Oakworm. It will metamorphose into a small Saturnid Moth.

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