Pink Spotted Hawkmoth from Brazil

Ed. Note:  We originally conducted an offline correspondence (without an attached photo) with Cesar entertaining the possibilities of sighting a Carolina Sphinx in Brazil, presumably outside the range.  We responded that there are many similar looking species.

Sphinx Moth
Location: Pico do Jaraguá, São Paulo, Brazil
January 16, 2012 6:42 pm
As you suspected, my picture does not match with Carolina Hawk Moth.
Now, I think it is more related to Agrius singulata, the Pink-spotted Hawkmoth [and]
It seems that I am more southern, anyway.
Signature: Cesar Crash

Pink Spotted Hawkmoth

Hi again Cesar,
We agree that this is most likely a Pink Spotted Hawkmoth.  Often moths with brown forewings have distinctive hind wings.  The underwings on this species are black and pink striped and the pink spots associated with the name can be found on the body.  Gently nudging the moth might have caused it to display the distinctive pink coloration.

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