Subject: What bug is it
Location: India
January 31, 2017 2:03 pm
Please if you can help me identify it.
I was cool till I found one in my bedroom. Killed it.
In few hours I found around 4 of them.
Tried to crush them, they don’t die easily.
Signature: Naman Trivedi

Pigeon Tick

Dear Naman,
This is a Tick and we located this image of a Pigeon Tick from India in our own archives and it looks like your individual.  Though Pigeon Ticks feed on the blood of birds, they might bite humans if their preferred hosts are not available.  Do you have pigeons nesting on your roof?  Once the fledgelings leave the nest, the Ticks may migrate away from the nest and into your bedroom searching for food.

I stay on the top floor where we have a lot of pigeons nesting which I shooed away last week. A lot of cleaning yet to be done.
Your help means a lot.
Found around 3 of them in my bedroom. I had something itching while sleeping. Thought would be a bed bug but I could not find any.
Also in the process of killing them, these tick did not die easily. They had blood stored and even after rupturing the same the front half survived for long. And that created a panic attack.
Thanks and regards.
Also would want to know what can be used to disinfect them ?
Naman Trivedi

Hi again Naman,
We provide neither medical advice nor extermination advice.

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Location: India

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  1. Raj says:

    I’ve had a few of these in our holiday home in Noida, India. We sprayed dish washing liquid with water and a little dettol and they seem to die within a few seconds. But its not a permanent solution though.

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