big orange wasp?
Location: St. Charles, Missouri
September 29, 2011 4:34 pm
I saw this on the sidewalk today. It was about an inch and a half long. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take the picture until after my mom stepped on it! Please help!?
Signature: Steve

Pigeon Horntail

Dear Steve,
We hope the reason your mom stepped on this harmless Pigeon Horntail is because she didn’t see it while she was walking, but we suspect otherwise, so we are tagging this as Unnecessary Carnage.  Pigeon Horntails are Wood Wasps and they do not sting.  The Pigeon Horntail was selected as our Bug of the Month for September 2011.

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Location: Missouri

One Response to Pigeon Horntail stepped on by Steve's mom

  1. Nj in Nj says:

    I killed one of these in my backyard after it hovered in front of my face intimidatingly. All I thought of was it was a giant yellow jacket that could potentially sting me or one of our kids.I feel bad after reading they’re harmless. Next time I see one ill know what I’m dealing with.

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