Pigeon Horntail Ovipositing

Subject: Spiderwasp, spiderwasp, does whatever a spiderwasp does…
Location: Cincinnati, oh
April 2, 2016 2:31 pm
Saw this painting a sign atop a 3 story buidling, it was huge… non aggressive, just kinda walking around. Don’t know if it really is a spider wasp, but from what I looked into, says it might be…
Signature: E. Hutchins

Pigeon Horntail Ovipositing
Pigeon Horntail Ovipositing

Dear E. Hutchins,
This is NOT a Spider Wasp.  It is a female Pigeon Horntail, a species of Wood Wasp, and she is in the process of ovipositing or laying eggs.

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