Pigeon Horntail

Subject: Asian Hornet?
Location: Salt Lake City Utah
May 27, 2016 6:54 pm
Hi! I saw this on my globe willow last summer. No one knew what it was. Even the Terminix guy didn’t know.
Signature: Lee

Pigeon Horntail
Pigeon Horntail

Dear Lee,
This is not an Oriental Hornet, which to the best of our knowledge has not been introduced to North America, nor is it a European Hornet which has been introduced to North America but is only reported as far west as Texas on BugGuide.  This is a native, non-stinging Wood Wasp known as a Pigeon Horntail.  Your individual is an ovipositing female who is laying her eggs beneath the bark of your willow tree, indicating there are possibly health issues with the tree.  We will be postdating your submission to go live in June while our editorial staff is away from the office.

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