Pie Dish Beetle from Australia

Subject: Pie dish bugs?
Location: north west sydney, Australia.
April 6, 2016 4:07 am
We have been finding many of these in and around my home. Tonight this little guy was in my daughter’s bed. Are they pie dish bugs? And are they harmless?
Signature: Eddie.

PIe Dish Beetle
PIe Dish Beetle

Dear Eddie,
We agree that this is a Pie Dish Beetle in the genus
Pterohelaeus based on images posted to the Brisbane Insect site.  According to the Australian Museum:  “Adult pie-dish beetles forage on the ground at night, moving around quite quickly on long legs. Some species return to the same resting-place at dawn, often using mammal (mainly rabbit) burrows to shelter in. Other species are commonly found under pieces of wood, leaf litter, logs or stones. Some species in the genus Pterohelaeus are found under the loose bark of living and dead trees such as Eucalyptus. The adults are most active during the hottest months of the year. ”  Pie Dish Beetles do not pose a threat to humans.

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