A bug I found in Maine.
Location: Andover, Maine
July 10, 2011 6:19 pm
Hi my name is Sara from Andover, Maine. When I was out for a ride with my friend we found a bug on the windsheild. It has five legs, slim torso, black and white legs and wing. I am only a 13 year old so I am really curious on this topic.
Signature: Sara .A.

Phantom Crane Fly

Hi Sara,
This is a Phantom Crane Fly.  It’s phantom status refers to its coloration and its manner of flight.  When it is flying through dappled lighting conditions, it appears to vanish and reappear.  Its long legs, a characteristic of the family, is referred to in the common family name Crane Fly.  Crane flies frequently lose legs, and a normal Phantom Crane Fly, or any insect for that matter, should have six legs.

Thank you for answering. It was really kool to see the answer to what bug it was.

Location: Maine

4 Responses to Phantom Crane Fly

  1. stephen says:

    Just found one……sort of, it disapeared and three of us lost it. Nova Scotia south shore.

  2. Sara says:

    I found a phantom crane fly at my shcool during an outside assembly. I thought it was a flying water spider lol. It scared me so much. Bridgewater new jersey

  3. Mary says:

    Do they bite & is it poisonous?

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