Peruvian Centipede

Peruvian centipede
Can you tell me what the name of this centipede is? I found in on a night hike in Manu Biosphere Reserve,
Peru. Thanks,

Hi Rachel,
We started to research the Tropical Centipede genus Scolopendra, and we found a Wikipedia entry (with no photograph) of Scolopendra gigantea, the Peruvian Giant Yellowleg Centipede, or Amazonian Giant Centipede. It can reach 30 centimeters in length. Later photographs we found online on Damn Interesting do not really resemble your specimen. You will have to be happy with just the genus name Scolopendra. Interestingly, it looks very much like the Chinese Red Head, Scolopendra mutilans pictured on Golden Phoenix. At any rate, your photo is one of the most beautiful Tropical Centipedes we have ever seen, and perhaps some reader will provide us with a more exact identification.

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