Periodical Cicada from 2007: Brood XIII

Subject: Magicicada sp. for identify
Location: Manteno, Kankakee County, Illinois
June 1, 2013 11:17 am
Hello WTB team,
I photographed in a collection this cicada, caught at Manteno, Kankakee County, Illinois on 15-VI-2007.
It’s clearly a Magicicada but seems to be about half dozen of species that I’m unable to distinguish. Please could you help me?
Signature: Isidro

Brood XIII Periodical Cicada
Brood XIII Periodical Cicada

Dear Isidro,
We are catching up on unanswered mail that arrived during our holiday and we are especially interested in Periodical Cicadas right now, so your subject line caught our attention.  We turned to and learned that this is most likely a member of Brood XIII, the Northern Illinois Brood that last appeared in 2007.

Dear Daniel,
Thanks a lot for your reply. I would be very interested in know the species, that is what I asked for. It’s the better known Magicicada septemdecim, or one of the more uncommon species like Magicicada cassinii, Magicicada neotredecim, Magicicada septemdecula, Magicicada tredecassini, Magicicada tredecim or Magicicada tredecula?
Best regards,

Hi again Isidro,
We do not have the necessary skills or background to answer that question.

Thanks for reply Daniel.
What skills would you need for identification? I can ask the person that keeps the insect in his collection about photos of certain details.

Hi again Isidro,
We here at What’s That Bug? are rank amateurs with no science background.  We have always considered this website to be more of an art project to help educate people to appreciate the lower beasts as well as on the interconnectivity of all things on the planet.  You should seek the assistance of an entomologist at the nearest natural history museum for your answer.  Some difficult species identifications require DNA analysis.  Just our of curiosity, why is the exact species so important?

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