Subject: Which Brood, Kentucky?
Location: Louisville, ky.
May 17, 2017 8:24 pm
I spotted this cicada today in Louisville, Kentucky. I saw the earlier post on this site saying some of the brood X are emerging early. Is this one of the early cicadas?
Signature: Ann

Periodical Cicada: Brood X Straggler from Kentucky

Dear Ann,
Because of your Kentucky location, we believe this Periodical Cicada is also a Brood X straggler.  According to Cicada Mania:  “Brood X stragglers are emerging in Tennessee (around Knoxville), Washington D.C., Virginia (counties around D.C.), Maryland (counties around D.C.), Ohio (around Cincinnati), Delaware, Indiana, & Kentucky! These stragglers are emerging 4 years ahead of time.”

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

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