Peppermint Oil for Ants
Hi! I absolutely love your site and cruise it just for fun. I was thrilled to death to find a suggestion about using peppermint oil to deter ants. It works great! They won’t cross the lines that I painted and just the fumes alone have driven the rest away. And it’s cheap! A bottle from the health food store was only $4.99 and a little goes a very long way. But make sure you wash your hands before you touch your face or anywhere else more delicate. And now I don’t have to rescue all the ants out of the sink before I can use it- which was getting very frustrating and time-consuming. (I know, my husband thinks I’m crazy too … but I’m slowly converting him – he now takes all bugs outside except for black widows which he still squishes – but I’m working on that.) Thanks so much for all your hard work!
Laurie McBride

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  1. Jimmy says:


    I have an ant problem in my office and want to use a natural solution. did you use a dropper to distribute the peppermint oil or did you mix it with water?


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