Pellucid Hawkmoth from India

Subject: About a bug
Location: india
July 15, 2013 9:45 pm
sir i found this bug in our back yard,i dont know what it is? some say it’s cicada but not for sure.plrase let me know
Signature: Rana Asuthosh

Pellucid Hawkmoth
Pellucid Hawkmoth

Dear Rana,
This diurnal Hawkmoth in the family Sphingidae is
Cephonodes hylas, and it is commonly called a Pellucid Hawkmoth or a Hummingbird Moth since they fly during the day and their flight pattern resembles that of a hummingbird as they nectar at flowers.  You can read more about them on the Sphingidae of the Eastern Palaearctic website.

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