Peanut Headed Bug from Costa Rica

Location: Dominical, Costa Rica
December 1, 2011 10:20 pm
This moth was found (already dead) in Dominical, Costa Rica. Which is on the central pacific coast of Costa Rica.
Is that large head a part of the moth? Something its emerging from? It is smaller than the body though.
Anyway, have been curious what this was.
Thank your for any help and your time.
Signature: Lenee

Peanut Headed Bug

Dear Lenee,
This interesting creature is a Peanut Headed Bug,
Fulgora laternaria, and it is not a moth, but rather one of the Planthoppers.  It is also known as a Lanternfly, a name that originated because it was believed erroneously that this species could glow in the dark.  You may read about this species on the MSU website.

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