Peacock Pansy from India

beautiful small butterfly
December 14, 2009
I took this photo of a butterfly with my mobile camera after following it for quite some time. the time was around 4:30 pm on september 28 ,2009.I took this photo outside the hospital where I work ,which is about three miles from the coastline, close to Cochin,Kerala,South India. the small flower near the butterfly is Tridax procumbens,(Family Compositae) which is about the size of a fingernail.I just thought this butterfly was so cute and would love to see the picture in a book if you ever decide to use it
Cochin,Kerala,South India

Peacock Pansy
Peacock Pansy

Hi again Kiran,
Your butterfly so closely resembles the North American Buckeye Butterfly, that we did a web search for the genus and quickly identified the Peacock Pansy, Junonia almana, on a comprehensive websiteWikipedia also has some information.

Hi Daniel,
that’s really fast and indeed they are a very beautiful genus.I know very little about butterflies,but now my knowledge is increasing by the minute.I will surely keep an eye open for new ones,and definitely send you more pictures.thanks a lot.

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