Peach Tree Borers Mating: Sexual Dimorphism

Sexual dimorphism or miscegnation?
A friend sent this salacious picture to me, but I was unable to identify the participants. Could you help him? ” Whilst mowing the lawn this morning I observed the two bugs in the attached photograph (actually I should say I observed the two attached bugs in the attached photograph). “They” were flying around in the same position as they are in the photo. The big guy seemed to be in control. They landed on a leaf and waited for me to go get my camera. I have no idea what’s going on here.
Chris Given”

Hi Chris,
This really is an excellent example of Sexual Dimorphism, not miscegenation. The Moths are Peach Tree Borers, Synanthedon exitiosa. The larger one in control is the female. This moth is a pest on peach trees as the caterpillars burrow in the wood causing considerable damage. Since we are able to post so few letters, we get very excited when we open excellent photos like your friend’s. Thanks for sending it our way.

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