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I realy like your website. It was posted on Cynical-C Blog. Wish I had found your site a long time ago. Attached are some pictures I took of a wasp in Katy, Tx the summer of 2003. Someone told me it is an Ichneumon. Keep up the good work.
David Pearson

Hi David,
This is not an Ichneumon. Check out our Ichneumon page to see those fascinating insects. This is a Social Paper Wasp in the genus Polistes.

Ed. Note Correction: (12/03/2005)
ID corrections, etc. I’ve just discovered your excellent site (directed there by “This is True”), and as a hymenopterist have a few comments: The “Paper Wasp” (07/29/2005) which David submitted is most certainly not a paper wasp! As he said, it is an ichneumonid – antennae with very many segments, metasomal (abdominal) segments distinctly separated, metasoma of typical ichneomonid shape, gradually broadening towards the end. I hope these comments are useful.

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  1. We have this too, I was so happy to find an answer and then it says it’s still not identified. It’s in the same space as our paper wasps occupied in previous years (new nest) but they are more orange and different shaped. Not the same as other paper wasps. So far they haven’t stung anybody.


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