Pandora Sphinx

Oleander Hawkmoth in Virginia?
Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia USA
October 21, 2010 10:54 pm
I submitted photos of this specimen to you a couple of weeks ago but apparently my subject line failed to catch your attention, so I’m re-submitting it with a better subject line.
I found this moth on the trim molding outside my garage in Fredericksburg, Virginia back in September, and it remained in place for several days before disappearing one night. None of my friends or neighbors had ever seen one like it before so I thought I’d submit it to you for identification. Tonight, after reading the recent postings on the site I saw a picture of one in Hawaii that looked very similar, so I thought I’d contact you again.
Signature: Bernie

Pandora Sphinx

Dear Bernie,
While your moth looks somewhat similar to an Oleander Hawkmoth, you have photographed a native species known as the Pandora Sphinx.

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