Subject: Moth with Pink Fuzzy Part of Wings
Location: Utah- Idaho Border
June 28, 2014 3:34 pm
Took a photo of this moth after a rainstorm in Bear Lake, Idaho on June 27th 2014. Bear Lake is located on the Utah-Idaho border. We see many kinds of cool moths but haven’t seen one like this before. I searched your site but couldn’t find this pretty guy/gal.
Thanks for your help.
Signature: Laurie

Pandora Moth

Pandora Moth

Hi Lauri,
The lovely Pandora Moth,
Coloradia pandora, actually is represented in our archives, which are quite extensive after more than twelve years online.  The edible caterpillars are called Piuga by the Paiute Indians. 

Thank you so much. I figured it had to be there but my search terms were sketchy – moth with pink fuzzy things!

Well, the good thing about our search engine is that now that will lead a new visitor to a correct identification.

Thanks again.  Love your site and it is so useful although I’m still trying to get over the Jerusalem Cricket…



Location: Bear Lake, Idaho

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