Palo Verde Root Borer

I just wanted to let you know that the beetle on your page 2, Some one gave the correct on the family name, but didn’t give a name on what they are called. I live in Tucson Az. & to my knowledge are mainly known here in the SW
They are called “Palo Verde” beetles, because the female will lay their eggs in soil surrounding the Palo Verde trees, which will hatch & live underground for 3 years, feeding on the roots of the trees. They are usually seen in the summer & fly in the early evenings, they are attracted to light, which is why we always find them by our front porch where the light had been on! I couldn’t find anything on your page under that name, so I hope you find this helpful. They are the biggest bug I’ll ever want to see with pinchers! I’ve enclosed a couple pictures.Thanks,
Wendy Warunkiewicz

Hi Wendy,
Since that time, we have received numerous other images of the Palo Verde Root Borer that are properly identified. We will include your correction with that long ago entry as an update as well as posting your wonderful images on our homepage and our most recent beetle page.

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  1. One was flying while I was checking my headlight my son has to question if they bite or not I really don’t know and I hate flying things bees bigger insects than me LOL!?

    • “If they bite” is always a very difficult concept for us to address, because almost anything with a mouth is capable of biting. No one ever seems to question if a person will bite another, yet every person is capable of biting another person. That does not mean that we exist in a constant state of paranoia that each new person we might meet in a given day is going to bite. Beetles have mandibles, meaning their mouths are all capable of biting a human, and Longhorned Beetles in the family Cerambycidae, including the Palo Verde Root Borer, have especially strong mandibles that need to chew their way out of the woody habitat where they larvae were feeding. Additionally, the Palo Verde Root Borer is a large beetle with larger and stronger mandibles. Palo Verde Root Borers are quite capable of biting a person and the resulting bite is likely to be painful and might even draw blood, however the bite is not considered dangerous. The typical behavior of the Palo Verde Root Borers does NOT include biting people, however, if one is carelessly handled, a painful bite might be the result.


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