Subject: What is this huge flying bug?
Location: Escondido CA
August 13, 2012 1:43 am
Please help me identify this huge flying bug. I found it at night in my swimming pool. I thought it was dead but after I fished it out it started walking around.
It was ~2.5-3” long and had what looked to be 2 sets of wings.
Signature: Thanks, Matt

Ponderous Borer

Hi Matt,
This is one of the large Root Borers in the subfamily Prioninae.  We believe it is the Palo Verde Root Borer,
Derobrachus hovorei and according to BugGuide, they are attracted to lights.  Perhaps the pool light caused this individual to fly into your pool.

Ed. Note:  Suspecting we might be wrong, we get a second opinion from Eric Eaton
Hi Eric,
Seems I have been confusing the Palo Verde Root Borer with the Ponderous Borer lately.  I believe this is the Palo Verde Root Borer.  Can you confirm?

Eric Eaton provides correction and explanation
Nope, this is a Ponderous Borer.  Note the fine teeth on the midsection (thorax).  The thorax of the Palo Verde Root Borer has very large, prominent teeth, almost spike-like.  You also won’t likely find them together.  Palo Verde Borers are in desert habitats with palo verde trees.  Ponderous Borers bore in coniferous trees, so occur at higher elevations.

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Location: California

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