White Butterfly with Black markings
Location: Gladstone, IL.
August 19, 2011 7:26 pm
I saw this butterfly beside a lake in the grasses and wild flowers. There were other whites there but I didn’t recognize this one as a Cabbage White or a Checkered White. I wasn’t able to see it with open wings. Thanks or your help!
Signature: Randy Anderson

Sulphur Butterfly: Pale Form

Dear Randy,
Though it looks like one of the Whites, this butterfly is actually a pale form female of one of the Sulphurs in the genus
Colias, possibly the Orange Sulphur, Colias eurytheme, which is pictured on BugGuide including this image.  Some of the comments on that image include “With these albino sulphur females species you noted it is impoosible to tell one from the other with a photograph. You would need to disect them to tell which is which.” and “The rather smooth look below, shape of the wings, and very wide border on the front wings all fit this species. Not impossible to tell them apart, just difficult and confusing in some individuals.”  The other species in the genus with a light form female is the Clouded Sulphur, Colias philodice, which is also represented on BugGuide.

Location: Illinois

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