Pair of Orbweavers from Argentina

Subject: Silver Argiope from Argentina
Location: San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina
February 12, 2014 4:08 pm
Hiya Bugfolk,
I came across this great pair of spiders on a trip to the Argentine wine country. Specifically, Elsa vineyard (certified sustainable) operated by Bianchi Winery, San Rafael, Mendoza.
I found a pic here on What’s That Bug of a silver argiope while that one was more yellow, this spider was clearly more silver/gray. It spanned two rows of grape vines with the main web close to one row and a very high tensile strand spanning over 5 feet.
Hope you like it.
Signature: Brian Erickson

Pair of Silver Orbweavers
Pair of Silver Orbweavers

Hi Brian,
Your photo beautifully illustrates the incredible size discrepancy between the sexes of the Silver Orbweaver,
Argiope argentatua.  The difference between the size of the pair of spiders in your photo appears to be even greater that that of the Golden Silk Spider.

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