Late Season Painted Lady
Location: Ancaster
November 16, 2010 10:55 am
In search of sun on my face, a chat with my best friend and some caffeine, serendipity, as if it were a driving force, had me sitting on my front step, enjoying bright sun, good company and a mug of coffee when I spotted this butterfly out of the corner of my eye.
All the flowering plants in my garden are done, wilted or brown now except for this particular Chrysanthemum that I took from my Mum’s garden years ago. The ’mum often doesn’t start to show colour until after the first frost but with the long growing season this year it coloured a little earlier and is now in full splendid bloom and will likely wilt of natural causes rather than being offed by a killing frost. It’s a bright spot in my front yard as the trees are all bare and all other flowers are gone. It’s one of my favourite plants in my garden and has a lovely sweet Chrysanthemum scent that I wish I could share with you.
The Painted Lady was drinking in a leisurely fashion and didn’t seem to mind my presence and I got some very close up shots of her eyes and proboscis as she drank.
These photos were taken Nov 8th. and I thought I would share this lovely splash of colour and beauty, likely the last we’ll get in this area. It’s amazing to think of all the little moments and events that had to occur in precisely the right way to bring myself, the flower and the butterfly all together to get these images. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
Signature: Cheryl-Anne

Painted Lady

Hi Cheryl-Anne,
We are very happy to post your photos of a Painted Lady,
Vanessa cardui, and your wonderful letter is a treat.

Painted Lady

Location: Canada

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