Painted Hickory Borer

Whats this bug??
I need help identifying the attached bug. Please review the photos and advise if you have any idea what this is!!! I have attached a photo of the top and bottom of the bug.
Thank you!
Janet Cox
Clarksburg, West Virginia

Hi Janet,
Your beetle is one of the Long Horned Borer Beetles from the genus Megacyllene. Your beetle looks like the Painted Hickory Borer, Megacyllene caryae which closely resembles the Locust Borer, Megacyllene robiniae. The telltale markings of the Painted Hickory Borer include the third stripe on the elytra which is W-shaped followed by three additional sinuous stripes. This species is usually found in the spring, while the Locust Borer is found in the fall. Larva feed on the wood of hickory, ash, hackberry and Osage orange trees.

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  1. I don’t have an answer for killing them in the woodpile other than burning them in your wood stove, but here is how we have avoided having them running around in our house. We are only bringing in enough wood to last one week and so far have not had any adults emerge in the house. I did put one small log that had lots of large oval holes in a small sealed container with a clear top in our house on 1-22-2018. Our first adult emerged today 2-7-2018. So one week seems to be a good number as long as it’s still good and cold outside.


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