Painted Arachnis

Painted Arachnis
Hi, guys!
WONDERFUL website! Thanks to your collection, I was able to ID this incredible moth that we found while helping a friend pack their belongings for a move; it toppled out of one of the bags and we honestly thought it was a decorative fake butterfly! It wasn’t until I could feel the thing starting to move around on my finger that I realized it wasn’t a fake!! I got Floyd to pose with it (then finally set it on their Bird of Paradise), and am sharing the pics with you to use in your collection; enjoy!
San Diego, CA

Hi MB,
Thanks for sending in your photo. The Painted Arachnis, one of the Tiger Moths with Wooly Bear Caterpillars, are currently being attracted to our porch lights at the Mt Washington office in Los Angeles where they are laying eggs on the side of the structure.

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