Hi, I spotted this caterpillar and was wondering if you could tell me what type it is please.
I live in Kent, in the South-East of the UK.
Alley Katt

Hi Alley Katt,
Stateside we have an identical caterpillar known as the Tentacled Prominent or Puss Moth, Cerura species. They range over most of North America. It is obviously either a very close relative you have or an introduced species. When disturbed, this caterpillar extends whiplike filaments from each of the two fleshy hornlike projections at the tip of the abdomen and waves these filaments. It can eject an irritating fluid from glands on the thorax.

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what is it
I was just looking thru your site to try and identify this beetle I found tonight. It looks like the California long horn beetle. But I am in NH on vacation. Should I not release this insect. Is it not native to this area. I am sending the picture I took, but not very good since the beetle is in a vile for safe keeping until I hear that it is safe to release it.

We must confess that we were sure you had one of the Long-Horned Borer Beetles, but we were unsure of the genus and species. We asked Eric Eaton to try to clarify some identification points for us, which he did. However, in identifying your beetle, we now have an entirely new genus to consider. Here is Eric’s response: “This appears to be a female Orthosoma brunneum, the Brown Prionid. Just what you needed, eh, another critter to get confused by:-) Ergates are large, western mountains mostly, with FINE teeth on the edge thorax. Derobrachus are HUGE, almost exclusively southwestern (though range throughout the souther tier of states I am told). Prionus usually tend to be very squat, males with very thick antennae (almost comb-like or dentate in some species). An overall more robust critter than the others. Orthosoma is the most slender of all, and always a bright brown in color. Hope that helps, but getting Doug Yanega’s book on northeast longhorns would be your best bet (less than $20). Eric “

Hi we found this bug just outside of are office and have no idea what it is, maybe you can help us out thanks

Hi Sam,
This is a male Hercules Beetle, Dynastes tityus. We have gotten many photos this season.

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a nicer cabbage bug
Hi Mr. Bug Man,
Here is a "nicer" picture of what looks like a harlequin cabbage bug on your web site. You are welcome to use this if you care to. This one has been relaxing outside my house in Northern New Mexico for a few days on a tall weed. I think it’s charming, but then I’m not a gardener!

Thanks for the image.

My father-in-law found this spider in his garden in Sudbury Ontario Canada. Any idea of what it is? Is it harmless?
John Sauve

Hi John,
Your father-in-law found a Crab Spider, also known as a Goldenrod Spider or Flower Spider, Misumena vatia. It is harmless except to flying critters that visit the flowers it is usually hiding upon.

What is this bug?
Saw a bunch of these in Bushkill, PA. What is it?

Hi Sarah,
This is one of the Coreid Bugs or Big Legged Bugs or Leaf Footed Bugs. More specifically, it is an Acanthocephala species, probably confraterna. Eric Eaton believes it might be Acanthocephala terminatus.