I don’t know what this is…
Can you identify this bug? I have looked all over and still cannot find out what it is….this pic was taken in Bradenton, Fl. The bug was about an inch and a half long…and was reddish brown, with leaf like wings. Thanks, Kris

Hi Kris,
We checked with Eric Eaton because the wings seemed disproportionately small, though we thought it looked like a Tersa Sphinx, Xylophanes tersa. Eric confirmed this identification.

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Sphinx or hawk moth?
My son recently found a caterpillar. As any 6 year old boy knows, "caterpillars make the best pets, mom". So we kept the caterpillar and it cocooned. It has now hatched and we released it. Could you please tell me what we had? My son is very interested and wants to be able to tell his class. Thank you.

Hi Diana,
Tersa Sphinxes, Xylophanes tersa, are either very plentiful this year or they are always around when there are cameras ready. We are getting both adult and caterpillar photos lately. Caterpillars love Penta.

What’s this bug?
I found this bug on my bicycle in Queens, NY.
Thank you.

Hi Linda,
Did this happen over night or have you been neglecting your bike riding? We can only guess your bike was parked near a tree to have a Cicada dig its way out of the dirt, climb your bicycle and split its skin to fly away as a winged adult that is buzzing loudly in the trees.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

unknown critter
Hello WTB,
After an hour of surfing the web and looking at hundreds of pictures of bugs I am still yet to learn what kind of bug I found crawling around my apartment. I am coming to you in search of answers. I noticed this particular insect when I was cleaning my room the other day and became extremely curious as to what kind of bug this is, considering I have never seen it before. It is no longer than a thumbnail. It’s body is black, but it’s legs are a very light brown color (almost transparent). It’s body is oddly shaped and has a pincher or "claw" on it’s backside. I will say that it is a very strong critter because it took a lot more than I expected to kill it (I know, I know, I probably shouldn’t have killed it, but I did not know what it was and it creeped me out). I assume that it uses it’s "claw" to catch things to eat because before it died I poked it’s pincher with a small wooden skewer and it closed its pincher on the skewer. Any information you might have as to what this insect may be will be oh so helpful to me.
Thank you,
PS- I found it on my bedroom floor away not near an outside door. My location is in Lafayette, Louisiana if that is to any help. I also attached a sketch I drew of the specimen with a sketch of a fingernail file for reference to the size of the insect. Thanks again.

Hi Deborah,
We love your rendering of an Earwig. Those pincers are known as forceps and they do grasp prey as well as performing other tasks. They are omniverous feeders, sometimes doing damage in gardens. They love our roses. They are often attracted indoors, but are generally outdoor critters.

I recently sent you a picture of a Great golden digger wasp that I found digging a hole. I thought you might enjoy this photo of an Earwig that I took today as well. I find myself searching out bugs now that I found your site.

Hi Jay,
We have been online entirely too long this morning. The plants need watering and morning chores must begin. We had to post your photo before logging off. thanks.

Hey bugman, I live in Southern Georgia and my cat brought this to me from my flowers! What kind of caterpillar is this? It is devouring my pentas. Thanks,

Hi Marcy,
The Tersa Sphinx, Xylophanes tersa, is commonly found on Penta. There is both a green and brown form to this caterpillar.