Moth found in central Pa
Location: trout run pennsylvania cascade township
May 17, 2011 3:21 am
what is this thing. I have seen it 2 times both at night. It is dead now on the 2nd has a big white body. I’m in a wooded area in north central Pennsylvania.
Signature: Ann Smith

Luna Moth

Dear Ann,
Each year we track the northward emergence of the Luna Moths, and your Pennsylvania encounter is the most northern sighting we have received thus far this year.

thank you dan. I watched this moth all night it was raining most of the Night and I honestly thought it was dying. It didn’t die .I went to see it around 6 am it was shaking alot .I checked on it all night and then at 6:15 am it was gone.  If anyone gets a chance to see this luna moth they are very pretty in color. awesome sighting.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

May 16, 2011
During the time we have been on the internet beginning in the late 1990s, we have made several virtual friends who contribute liberally to What’s That Bug? and on occasion we have the opportunity to meet face to face.  This past weekend, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County hosted the 25th Annual Bug Fair, and we spent Sunday afternoon with the 1000s who showed up.  Eric Eaton was signing The Kaufman Guide to Insects of North America which he coauthored, and it was very nice to talk to him.  Eric has been correcting our misidentifications for many many years.   David Gracer came in dead last in the insect cooking contest, and he was awarded the Stink Bug Skillet for his efforts.  David always writes to inform us when one of the submissions to our site is edible.  We also met author Jessica Speart who was promoting her new book Winged Obsession:  The Pursuit of the World’s Most Notorious Butterfly Smuggler.

Bug Fair

orange bug id?
Location: Dallas, TX
May 16, 2011 11:08 am
I found this orange and black bug on my squash plants this morning. I’m in Dallas, Texas. Can you identify it?
Signature: Misty

Squash Vine Borer

Hi Misty,
Though it looks like a wasp, the Squash Vine Borer,
Melittia cucurbitae, is actually a moth.

Well, that will teach me for hesitating to kill an insect that looks interesting.  It was quite pretty, but it’s gonna die if I see it again.  Thanks very much!!!! 🙂

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

My strange bug
Subject: My strange bug
Location: MElbourne, Australia
May 16, 2011 5:04 am
This strange bug was on my leg the other day, i thought it was a baby snake.. any ideas?
Signature: i dont understand this question?

Land Planarian

Dear idutq,
This is a Land Planarian, and after looking at Ask.Com, we believe it is the Blue Planarian,
Caenoplana coerulea.  According to the dedicated page on the species, it is also called the Blue Garden Flatworm and “This flatworm’s native range is eastern Australia and New Zealand. This species has however been accidentally introduced to the USA, including California, Florida, Georgia, Texas, South Carolina and Iowa.”

Red Headed Centipede ?
Location: Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas. Eastern Shore
May 15, 2011 10:06 pm
Hi Guys ~
I Love Your Site ! Ive used it several times to identify friend or foe… and You are always my first stop for instant answers.
I was working at Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas… 2 hours west of Dallas the first of May 2011. I found this guy upside down and already deceased on the back porch… At first I though it was a Rattlesnake Rattle… because He was upside down… After reading Your site.. I do believe this is a Red Headed Centipede.. slightly discolored because he was in the Sun for probably weeks before I found him….
From My Ring finger to My Wrist is 4 and 3/4 inches…
I Hope You enjoy these Photos, and I Hope I’m right ~ Giant redheaded centipede, Order: Scolopendromorpha, Family: Scolopendridae, Genus and species: Scolopendra heros Girard. ……………… ONE MEAN BUG !!!!
Thanks for all You Do !
Signature: Bart
Ok… He is really 5 inches long.. cause His “stingers” go past my
wrist ~ I didn’t count his antennae

Dead Red Headed Centipede

Hi Bart,
Thanks for the compliment.  We agree 100% with your identification of the Red Headed Centipede.  Since they grow to nearly double the size of the individual you found, they are quite impressive and formidable creatures.

Red Headed Centipede found dead

What’s the bug on the sunflower?
Location: South Pasadena, CA
May 16, 2011 12:01 am
I have a rogue sunflower in the yard. Today I spotted this bug on it. I thought maybe a leaf-footed bug, which I knew from WTB. I read that sunflowers are popular with leaf-footed bugs. I was sufficiently confident to name the image accordingly, but nowhere near certain.
Signature: Barbara

Immature Leaf Footed Bug

Hi again Barbara,
We agree that this is an immature Leaf Footed Bug, most likely in the genus
Leptoglossus.  It is probably the Western Leaf Footed Bug, Leptoglossus clypealis, which may be found on BugGuide.  Immature Hemipterans can be quite difficult to identify since many look very similar.  BugGuide does not have any images of immature Western Leaf Footed Bugs, however, this image of a nymph from the genus Leptoglossus from Texas posted to BugGuide looks very similar.  We have been working for hours this morning on a Powerpoint Presentation for the Theodore Payne Foundation instead of posting new letters.  We are hoping you will grant permission to use this image in our presentation.

I’d be pleased to have you use the picture.  With some luck, I’ll be able to make your presentation.  Thanks for your help with the bug i.d.

I will also be using some of your Monarch Caterpillar images.  I have prepared the first half of the presentation and I think it is going to look awesome.  Luckily, through the years, many gorgeous images have come to the website thanks to the wonderful talents of the readership.  It will be great to meet you face to face if you are able to attend Barbara.

Correction June 17, 2011
Now that Barbara has supplied a photo of the adult, we can correctly identify this as
Leptoglossus zonatus.