Black ants – Orange ringed abdomen & feelers
Location: New Zealand
January 23, 2011 12:42 am
Hello there Bugman. These two (obviously male & female) are the unidentified bugs. Found 400m from New Brighton beach, Christchurch, NZ on a tree.
Signature: Skunkwerx

Mating Beetles

Dear Skunkwerx,
These are Beetles, not Ants, and judging by the antennae, they are Longhorn Beetles in the family Cerambycidae.  We did locate a similar looking species identified as
Obrida fascialis, the One Banded Longicorn Beetle, on the Brisbane Insect website, but a web search of images with that scientific name brought up lots of images of  fingernails and other human body parts and photographs of Nicole Kidman and Beyonce, leading us to believe something is terribly amiss with that identification.  We hope our readers will have time to unravel this mystery while we are at work.

Update:  November 11, 2012
We just approved a comment identifying the genus
Zorion for this pair, and we found a matching photo on FlickRiver to support that comment.

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Dragonfly Species??
Location: Buxton, Maine USA
January 24, 2011 1:17 pm
I found this dragonfly in my mother’s garden in Buxton, Maine USA. I looked through all the dragonfly posts you had on this site but could not find one that looked just like it. Can you identify the species? Thank you!
Signature: Cheryl Mitchell


Hi Cheryl,
It seems whenever we attempt to identify a Dragonfly, someone writes in to correct us.  For some reason, Dragonflies are a real identification challenge for us.  We believe this is a Darner in the family Aeshnidae.  See BugGuide for the species possibilities.


Bug identification
Location: Raumati Beach, North Island, New Zealand
January 24, 2011 8:06 pm
Found this floating/swimming in a rainwater filled pot plant saucer in the back garden. It’s about 5 cm long from tip to tail. Wondering what it is.
Signature: Regards, Karen

Rattailed Maggot

Hi Karen,
This is the larva of the Drone Fly and it is commonly called a Rattailed Maggot.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Giant Beetle
Location: Nayarit, Mexico
January 24, 2011 9:55 pm
Nice site! I do enjoy reading it!
We were drinking beer at a wedding reception in Nayarit when we saw this huge, cool beetle crawling around on the ground. I invited it onto my hand where it stood for a bit before flying away.
It was brownish and shimmery, and very well-mannered in spite of our revelry. What kind of beetle is it?
Signature: Fred

Elephant Beetle

Hi Fred,
We are going to tell you the same thing we tell our photo students:  “Don’t be afraid of your subject.  Move in closer.”  We believe this is a female Elephant Beetle,
Megasoma elephas.  The male is even larger and has magnificent horns.  We found a photo on a UK Reptile Forum that shows a size comparison of the male and female Elephant Beetle.

Name that caterpillar
Location: Northern California
January 24, 2011 6:39 pm
I came across this bug last week in my front yard (January 2011). I moved him off of the walking path. My coworker and I were curious what he might turn into. I looked online but didn’t see any bugs that looked like him.
Signature: -Kimber

Gulf Fritillary Caterpillar

Hi Kimber,
This is the caterpillar of a Gulf Fritillary, a pretty orange butterfly that can be found where passionflower grows because that is the food for the caterpillars.

At the American Museum of Natural History, Gossamer Silk From Spiders –
January 24, 2011
Because of my interest in arthropods, my daughter sent me this link.  I thought you’d love to link to it on your site!  There is a nice photo of Golden Orb Weavers from Madagascar, too.

Thanks.  We have seen this online article before and we had thought we had already linked to it on our site, but we were unable to locate it in the archives.  It is now a posting.