Paederus Rove Beetle from India

Orange black flying Insect
December 11, 2009
this is one insect which really troubles us a lot in winter, it is very attracted to light and is about 5mm in length. it also come in full black body(without the orange), i tried to find the name of this insect so many times still no hope. please help me out. We stay near the Silent Valley in India so we get to lots of insects form the forest..some really scary..and there is one insect which burns the skin; the skit totally burns off and the affected area become red..then turns black like how a wound would heal and then new skin is formed in a week it pours some kinda acid…usually in the night while we sleep…some tell it is this insect can you help us out here…
Silent Valley,INDIA

Paederus Rove Beetle
Paederus Rove Beetle

Hi Sajin,
The insect pictured is your guilty culprit.  It is a Rove Beetle in the genus Paederus.  This genus is found in many places in the world, and they often sport the orange and black warning colors.  The genus name comes from the presence of the toxin paederin in the body which will cause contact dermatitis.  Now that you have a name, you should be able to find copious amounts of online information including this DocFiles page.

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