Pacific Green Sphinx

Green Moths
Location: Lyle (High Prairie), WA, elev. 1450 feet
January 28, 2011 2:03 am
This green moth appeared in my kitchen last night (the door was open for the dog). These pictures show several views of it. This morning another appeared. Friends think that it is a Pacific Green Sphinx Moth. Is it?
I do have a couple more photos if needed. Thank you,
Signature: Martha M. Hamil

Pacific Green Sphinx

Dear Martha,
You are quite correct.  This is a Pacific Green Sphinx,
Arctonotus lucidus, also called the Bear Sphinx.  You may read more about its habits on the Sphingidae of the Americas website.  According to BugGuide:  “Larvae feed on plants in the Evening Primrose Family, Onagraceae, such as Camissonia, Clarkia, and Oenothera.”  Though primrose has naturalized in the grounds of our Mt. Washington, Los Angeles offices, we have never been lucky enough to see a Pacific Green Sphinx.

Hello Daniel, I had never seen such a moth before in 72 years and now I’ve seen 3; they were unavoidable fluttering about in my house. I can see the larvae chomping away on the evening primrose roots (local farmers consider the evening primrose a noxious weed). The adults are another story; it’s mid-winter here with lows in the low thirties and upper twenties. Nothing seems to be blooming but maybe the adults do not need to servive very long.
My photos don’t do justice to the richness of color and striking appearance. I hope you get to see a Pacific Green Sphinx during the coming year and can admire it in person, Martha M. Hamil

Thanks for the update Martha.

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