Ox Beetle

Subject: Black beetles
Location: Tonto creek, payson Arizona
August 18, 2016 6:10 am
Yesterday, I was up at camp and there were tons of black beetles on their backs on the porch. I helped move them into the dirt, so nobody killed them, and when they were in the dirt, they dug down and hid there. I was wondering what kind of beetle they were. They had a tiny horn at the front but they weren’t rhinoceros beetles.
Signature: Emma

Ox Beetle
Ox Beetle

Dear Emma,
This is an Ox Beetle in the genus
Strategus.  According to BugGuide, three species:   Strategus aloeus, Strategus cessus and Strategus craigi are found in Arizona.  BugGuide also states:  “Prefer sandy soils, apparently.”  For the record, Ox Beetles are classified as Rhinoceros Beetles in the subfamily Dynastinae.

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