Ox Beetle

I know you’re busy….
OK – I see how busy you guys are so whenever you get a minute. We live in Humble, Texas and my 6 year old son came across this large beetle. I have attached pictures and we have since let him go because he didn’t seem to want to eat the variety of crickets, fruit and leaves we were offering it!!! Anyway, I looked through the pictures of beetles on the website and the closest thing I thought was maybe a Triceratops beetle. If you have minute, my son would love to know for sure what this was. He is very interested in insects and wants to be an Entomologist someday!! Thanks for your knowledge!! It’s great to have someone to send these pictures to that can help.

Hi Michelle,
This is an Ox Beetle, probably Strategus aloeus. Adults eat fruit. BugGuide has lots of images of this genus.

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