Subject: Butterfly Damselfly mix
Location: La Marque, Tx
November 2, 2012 11:14 pm
I was simply blown away by this one. The more i looked at it the more i got confused. My first thought was maybe it was a cross between a butterfly and a damselfly. Looking at its antennaes made me think it was a butterly. But those wings made me think that it could possibly be a damselfly. Can anyone please identify this one. I’ve been really trying to put a tab on this beautiful insect for a long time.
Signature: Thanks in advance, Tx Finest


Dear Tx Finest,
The first time we had to identify an Owlfly from Europe, we were equally confused.  Owlflies are actually Neuropterans, and they are related to Antlions and Lacewings.

Location: Texas

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