Owlet Moth from Hawaii

Subject:  Nice brown moth
Geographic location of the bug:  Ha’iku, Maui, Hawaii
Date: 01/19/2018
Time: 11:50 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Aloha, came across this lovely moth on 18 January 18, 12:30pm. It was about 2.5″ long or so. Forgot to measure it. This is a screened window under an awning, facing west, at a restaurant.
As we have critters here from all over the world, I thought you might have some idea where this one is from and what it is.
Many thanks for all you do.
How you want your letter signed:  Eliza

Owlet Moth

Dear Eliza,
We believe this is an Owlet Moth in the superfamily Noctuoidea, and our searching has produced one similar looking but different individual, the Forage Looper, on Insect Identification for the Casual Observer.  We are posting your image and we will continue to research this.  Perhaps one of our readers will have better luck than we have had.

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