Owlet Moth Caterpillar from Singapore: Asota plana

Subject: Yellow-Brown Striped, Red Thorax, Black Head Caterpillar
Location: Singapore
February 3, 2013 4:48 am
Hi, I spotted this caterpillar at a concrete sheltered walkway near a field. Could you help me identify what type of bug does this caterpillar evolve into?
Signature: Nicholas Ho

Owlet Moth Caterpillar: Asota plana

Hi Nicholas,
We took a somewhat circuitous route, but we believe we have correctly identified your Owlet Moth Caterpillar.  We found a matching photo of your caterpillar on the Photography & Me:  Caterpillars:  The Loop and Hairy blog, but alas, it was not identified.  Next we found a photo on
Lazy Lizard’s Tales:  Of moths and social media, and thanks to the bloggers obsessions with identifying it, we found a scientific name supplied by Siyang:  Asota plana.  This information was provided:  “The caterpillar of the moth, Asota plana, eats the leaves of this and other fig species (W. F. Ang, pers. comm; Figs. 19, 20). Although trees may lose most of their foliage from one such attack, they usually recover once the caterpillars pupate and emerge as adults to attack other trees.”  Nature Love You has photos of various stages of the development of Asota plana.  FlickR has several images including this on and this one.  Here is a photo of the adult moth from Papua Insects.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the awesome identification reply! This is indeed the same
type of caterpillars that I have spotted. I spent quite a bit of
effort for a few days to identify these caterpillars, but to no avail.
That’s when my friend suggested I try submitting an identification
request to your website. Do let me know if you would like to have more
pictures of these caterpillars for displaying on your website. I have
around 5-8 of them taken with my mobile phone camera.
Once again, thanks!
Nicholas Ho

Hi Nicholas,
Any photos of the caterpillars feeding on the food plants would be great.  If you don’t have that, send your best few and we will add to the posting.

Hi Daniel,
Apologies for the delay in reply.
Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to catch them on the leaves.
I have attached all that I captured on that day. Hope you are able to find more nicer shots to add to your site.
Have a happy Lunar New Year~ 😉
Nicholas Ho

Owlet Moth Caterpillar

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