Owl Moth from Gulf of Mexico

White Witch Moth?
Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 12:38 AM
This specimen was a passerby on the ship Skandi Neptune in the Gulf of Mexico Jan4/09. About 60 nautical miles from nearest land, Mississippi delta. Ship hasn’t been in port since Dec.10th.
Greg Rivers
28°12’57″N 088°33’30″W

Owl Moth
Owl Moth

Hi Greg,
The White Witch is a massive specimen with the largest wingspan of any butterfly or moth. We believe your specimen is an Owl Moth, Thysania zenobia, which can be viewed on the Moth Photographers Group Web Site.  Some of the Owlet Moths, including the Black Witch, are powerful fliers and it is possible they may fly or be blown far out to sea.  It is possible your ship picked up an extra passenger while sailing and not while docked.

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