Owl Moth from Costa Rica

Subject: Large moth in Costa Rica
Location: Monteverde, Costa Rica
October 28, 2013 4:58 pm
My daughter took this picture of a 5-inch-wingspan moth resting on a window in central Costa Rica (near Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve). This was taken today (end of October). The picture has been rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise. You can see part of the head on top.
Closest I found on an identification site was a ”black-witch moth” but the pattern seems a bit off.
Signature: Tomas Moran

Owl Moth from Costa Rica
Owl Moth from Costa Rica

Dear Tomas,
This Owl Moth,
Thysania zenobia, is a gorgeous specimen.  We wonder if a bird took a piece out of its wing.  You can verify our identification on Project Noah.

Thank you, Daniel!!
Yes, I noticed two pieces gone on the right side and thought the same.
Went to project Noah but landed on someone else’s picture.  Not sure how to “verify”.   I will try again to figure it out.
Thanks for your work
Tomas Moran
Palo Alto CA

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