Camel Cricket from China

Cave Cricket?
February 23, 2010
Hi Daniel,
Another of the insects I saw in Sichuan, China. This one was a particular beast. Its body wasn’t much short of thumb size and as you can see its antennae are huge. I think it’s a cave cricket so I’d be very grateful if you could confirm that, and go any further with ID.
Its habitat was a forested mountain unlike your other submissions of cave crickets, so if it is indeed a member of this Family then I guess they aren’t just restricted to cave-like habitats. I also think he is far more handsome than your other submitted cave crickets, even if I do so say so myself.

Camel Cricket

Hi Ed,
This really is a lovely Orthopteran, but we aren’t certain that it is a Cave Cricket or Camel Cricket, and we would not rule out the possibility that it is a Katydid.    We will contact Piotr Naskrecki to see if he can provide any more specific identification on this creature’s identity.

Camel Cricket

Eric Eaton provides an identification
Hi, Daniel:
The “Orthoptera from China” is indeed a camel cricket of some sort.

Hi Daniel and Eric,
Thanks very much for confirming the cricket is a member of Rhaphidophoridae.
There’s not much information on this group so I’ve given up trying to ID it
beyond family level.
Best wishes

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