Oriental Cockroach or Water Bug

Subject: What Kind Of Bug Is This
Location: United States, NJ
April 12, 2014 7:27 pm
hello..this kind of bug ended up in my house two different times..im wondering what it is..if you could help that would be great
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Oriental Cockroach
Oriental Cockroach

Though it is commonly called a Water Bug, this is an Oriental Cockroach, Blatta orientalis, and it is one of the species of pestiferous Cockroaches that is closely associated with human habitation.  They can become especially numerous in cool, damp places including basements and sewers.  According to BugGuide, they are:  “Omnivorous but prefers starchy or sugary foods. Often associated with garbage or decaying organic matter, indoors or out. Can survive one month without food as long as water is available, or two weeks with neither food nor water.”  Flushing it down the toilet, which is what it appears might happen immediately after this image was taken, will likely introduce it to more of its kin. 

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  1. I need to know what kind of bug this is..there was a few in my attic and now they are coming into my bedroom and mt daughters bedroom ..I think it’s a cockroach but I’m not sure I’m scared to let my 14 month old baby on the floor I don’t want her to pick it up or anything please help me..


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