Oriental Cockroach Nymph

this time with photographic evidence!
Hello again, Bugman!
Still being terrorized, and still no digital camera, but I’ve done in our last invader and (yes, I’ve already been told it’s gross) I scanned him (her?) so I’d have something to send (the cork is for scale). I might add to my first letter that I came across this thing as it was scrambling out of the kitchen drain – at noontime, in full sunlight! The nerve! I am braver in the sunlight, so I sprayed the heck out of it w/ant/roach spray

Hi Karen,
You have an immature Oriental Cockroach, also known as a Waterbug. They often inhabit drains and we are told there are millions in the sewers of Los Angeles. I often encounter large numbers of them on the sidewalks at night. In the home, they are found in the bathroom and kitchen.

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