Orchid Bee Query

Subject: Orchid bee?
Location: Royal palm beach florida
March 11, 2014 1:21 pm
I believe is orchid bee, do not have pic of actual bee, have had over a year now. he is quite interesting
Signature: Toni

What's Nesting in the Bird House???
What’s Nesting in the Bird House???

Dear Toni,
We are presuming that you attached two images of a bird house because the creature in question has nested inside the bird house.  Your letter did not describe the creature, which you have stated is a Bee.  The Orchid Bee,
Euglossa dilemma, is a bright green bee that is often seen hovering near blossoms.  If the Bee you have had for over a year is not bright green, it is not the Orchid Bee.  We have received another report of Green Orchid Bees nesting in an abandoned birdhouse, but Bumble Bees will also nest in a birdhouse.  Only the female Orchid Bee builds the nest, so you should use the pronoun “she” when referring to your creature.

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  1. I found a bright green bee with a blue edge on it abdomen . It looks like the orchid bee. I’m in Trussville Alabama. I’ve seen a similar bee in Florida . Could it be the same. Sorry no pics.


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