Orchard Spider

green & chrome spider
Location: New Jersey
July 1, 2011 4:45 pm
Just curious to know exactly what kind of spider this is? Found it in the garage today and thought it was odd since I lived in this area for 40+ years and never saw one like it. Color is hard to see in pix but the sliver part is highly reflective almost like a mirror and the green is day-glow neon. Built a 2 foot diameter web overnight and it wasn’t in my way so I left it alone. I know bright colors in nature means toxic or deadly to predators so what is this guy packing?
Signature: Mike

Orchard Spider

Hi Mike,
This beautiful spider is an Orchard Spider,
Leucauge venusta.  Many individuals also have bright orange spots.

Hello Daniel,
Thanks!  I don’t believe in killing stuff and I leave them where I find them; he’s made himself  a nice home in the garage and that’s where I’ll leave him.  Thing is though, I use the garage as my shop daily and didn’t want to leave something potentially hazardous in there.  I always say everyone needs a home & everyone’s got to eat so we welcome all who find their way here.  You should see the looks I get when I show people the bee houses and bat boxes we installed, but after they overcome their misguided fears (and watch me pet the bumblebees on their backs) they leave with a new found respect for things.
This isn’t my first time on your site; a few years ago you identified 7 spotted beetle larvae for me which we now anxiously await thier return to our foundation walls every April.  When they first appeared, I emailed pix to an exterminator to identify them and he said “I dont know what it is but I’ll kill them for you.”  That’s when I found your site and I called him back to let him know they were beneficial.  Good thing I found your site because after they turned into Ladybugs, our aphid problem disappeared.  Before the beetles arrived for the first time, we spent hundreds of dollars a year to rid the aphids and they still were a serious pest killing many of our plants each season.
Keep up the good work!  The knowledge you share really makes a difference!
Thanks Again,

Thanks for the update Mike.  It is nice to know we have been helpful.

4 thoughts on “Orchard Spider”

  1. I’ve been trying to find out information on this type of spider but every time I click on a new person asking the same question the only reply is ” thank you for not killing it”. Or ” yes we do read every entry”. I visited 4 already with the same reply and no information weather or not it’s harmful to my kids playing in the back yard.
    Please let me know if:
    1. Is it poisonous?
    2. Where is it most common?
    3. How big do they grow?
    Thank you.

    • The responses you cited above do not sound like our responses, so we are presuming you have visited other forums. While Orchard Spiders do have venom, it is our understanding that they are not harmful to humans. According to BugGuide‘s information on the family Tetragnathidae: “These spiders will bite if threatened, but the bite is not harmful to people. It is recommended that they not be picked up, but rather observed in their natural environment (e.g. – on their web).” Here is the BugGuide data map for distribution, and it is our understanding that they are more common in the south. The size listed on BugGuide is: “emale body length 5.5 – 7.5 mm Male body length 3.5 – 4.0 mm.”

  2. I have a number 1 spider that I catch he’s one a male orchard could not mess with. I had one his name was d’angelo I would fee him bugs he was king of his territory I would put a male house spider in with him and and he would beat them in fights they would retreat. Now its time again does your orb waever spider have what it takes to take on the KING spider.

  3. There’s 2 more number 1 spiders related to my first number 1 spider so thats 3 number 1 male KING SPIDERS that will destroy a male orchard spider. [Plus there are new rivals to my spiders 1.male eunuch spider 2.male european cave spider 3.male furrow orb spider 4. Male banded garden spider 5. Male nesticus cellulanus spider]. NOTE: IF YOU SUPPORT ANY OF MY SPIDERS RIVALS LETS HAVE A DEBATE ON WHO WINS FIGHT OVER WEB TERRITORY.


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