Orbweaver Web

Spider web full of color
July 18, 2009
Hi I live in  Oregon, and  by Crater Lake I saw this beautiful spider web. have you ever seen one like this?. I wonder what kind of spider made this?  If you have time please let me know. thanks so much
Laurie Hayden-quinn
Azalea  Oregon

Orbweaver Web
Orbweaver Web catches the light

Hi Laurie,
Your Spider Web photo is quite beautiful.  We cannot tell you the species, but this is the web of one of the Orbweavers in the family Araneidae.  The color is probably the illusion created by the silk and moisture acting like a prism when struck by light from the perfect direction.

Spiders on Drugs
November 14, 2009
In doing research for our book that must be completed in sixteen days, we stumbled upon this wonderful website that contains images of spider webs spun while under the influence of various drugs.

Update:  April 22, 2018
While trying to link to the article of Spiders on Drugs, we realized our old links no longer took readers to the original article we cited, but we found it again on Priceonomics.

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